ParemTech PTLevel Cistern level monitor PTLevel measures the level of your water from 0 to 100%, alerts you on custom set points, records a history of usage, shares with local delivery companies, and more. Product #: ptlevel $189.99 In stock! Order online now!
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The ultimate way to monitor
your cistern or well.
Cloud cistern access

Checking levels

Turn your well or cistern into a cloud well or a cloud cistern. Access your level information anywhere and on any device.

This is an actual example that you would have access to on any device at any location through a secure account.

What ptlevel can do for you

cloud access

With a secure account you can access your ptlevels from anywhere in the world at any time. Be alerted of custom setpoints, like low or high levels.

saving you money

Know the volume and order your precious water when actually needed. No more guessing which could cut down on costly delivery charges.

Simple installation

Drop a tube down to the bottom, connect to your router, and plug in the power. That's the install in a nutshell.

The ultimate

Works in -40°C temperatures, resists frost, water, and all other weather. Works with depths up to 5m / 16ft, is connected, and simple to install. You will also get the best support.

our online services

We supply different online services that cater to your lifestyle.


  • Access your levels everywhere
  • View unlimited PTLevel devices
  • Custom sms and email alerts
  • Usage history
  • Share with your favorite delivery company
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See how simple it is to setup

Step 1

Run a cat5e cable from your cistern / well to your router and mount the ptlevel.

Cistern and well monitor

Step 2

Connect the PTLevel to your internet router and some power.

Water level

Step 3

Create an account online and attach your PTLevel using the ID on the bottom of the device.

Secure water cloud


See how simple it is to setup and install the PTLevel.

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Wifi adapter instructions
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You can have peace of mind that we provide a 1 year complete warranty with the purchase of a PTLevel.

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